September 23

in the Month of Our Lady of Sorrows

Saint Linus (79).

Saint Linus was the second Pope of the Catholic Church. He ruled from the year 67 to the year 79, a period of twelve years. He was a Gentile. He shed his blood for the Faith which Saint Peter preached. After he was martyred he was buried beside Saint Peter in Rome. His name is mentioned in the Roman Canon of the Mass. He raised a dead man to life. He made the rule that women should wear veils or, at least, a head covering in church. This was in honor of Saint Michael, the great Archangel who escorted Our Lady into Heaven on the day of her Assumption.

Saint Thecla (117).

She was a young girl of eighteen who lived in Iconium, in Lycaonia and who was converted by Saint Paul. She then became one of his disciples and followed him on several of his missionary journeys. She was submitted to all sorts of suffering for her Faith. She was thrown to wild beasts in the amphitheater. She was thrown into a furnace of fire. She was cast out into the wilderness. Though she still lived, she is given, because of these sufferings, the title of martyr. Her name is invoked for the dying. She was ninety years old when she died.