December 6

in the Month of the Divine Infancy

Saint Nicholas of Bari (350).

The great Saint Nicholas, whom everybody knows and speaks of, was an Archbishop at Myra in Asia Minor. He has come to be honored as the patron saint of children. His relics were taken by the Italians to Italy in 1087, and are now honored there, at Bari. Saint Nicholas raised three children from the dead. His name has been corrupted from Saint Nicholas into "Santa Claus." The true Saint Nicholas is the one who honors those who love and venerate him as a saint, not as an advertisement. Saint Nicholas is the patron saint of Russia.

Saint Denise (Dionysia) (484).

Saint Dionysia was one of the group of African martyrs killed under the Vandal King Hunneric. Her little child and her sister were both killed at the same time.